Red Metal Scorpion stem Hookah


Red Hookah kit includes the following items: 

  • 1x Hookah With Scorpian Decal and dual hose system (28cm Tall)
  • 1x 2x Hoses 
  • 1 x Hot Plate 

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Key features of the Red Hookah:

  • Dual Hose System 
  • Made with a Tough Acrylic with solid metal plates
  • Consume things like herbs, cannabis, herbal molasses 

All in all, the Red Metal Scorpion stem Hookah cranks the party up at any venue! Featuring a Dual hose system attaching to a pumpkin bowl. Giving you a great smooth hit of taste and flavour. The Hookah is made with Tough Acrylic plastic making the hookah strong and solid. However, the special hot plates are made with Metal for optimal heat resistance. Use hookahs to consume things like herbs, herbal molasses, and even cannabis!

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