Hydrology9 NX Herbal Vaporiser


Hydrology9 NX Herbal Vaporizer key features include:

  •  6 different temperature settings. Customise to your liking!
  • Easy to clean and maintain, with removable air path system
  • rechargeable battery that can also be replaced if need be
  •  Built in dab tool holder with Magnetic USB charger
  • Switch from flower to concentrates with ease
  • Special Water filtration Capability
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The future of vaporization is here with the Hydrology9 NX Herbal Vaporizer. This innovative new vaporizer is perfect for both concentrate connoisseurs and flower enthusiasts. Featuring a switchable concentrate atomizer and hybrid convection flower heating chamber. The integrated water filtration system ensures a smooth, clean vapor every time. While the replaceable and rechargeable battery makes it easy to keep your vaporizer going all day long.

Full access cleaning and a magnetic USB charging port make maintenance a breeze. The adjustable temperature dial with six unique settings means you can always find the perfect vaporizing temperature for your needs. Get on the cutting edge of vaporization technology with the Hydrology9 NX today!

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