Mini Machine Gun Hookah Single Hose Grey


Hookah Machine Gun Design kit includes:

  • metal hot plates 
  • Hose 
  • Mouthpiece
  • Hookah With M16 Machine gun shape (23cm tall) 
  • Exclusive item from 

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Key features of the Hookah 

  • M16 Machine Gun shape
  • Made with a Tough Acrylic 
  • Featuring Metal Parts 
  • Easy to pack up and put away 
  • Fire Up Your Party! 

All in all, the Hookah With a machine Gun design is going to fire up the party! An Acrylic Rainbow bowl at the bottom, giving the Hookah a rigid design and structure. however, acrylic also gives the Hookah a lightweight feel as well as strength. In addition, a metal hot plate on top for your herbal remedies Using Hot coals for heating them! Standing at 23cm. Meaning it is perfect for any on the go occasion. Try this product with some legal herb mixes today For The Latest 

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