Digital Pocket Scale 100g X 0.01g


small digital scales are perfect to weigh up those small quantities! keep them with you for those on the go, or keep them in the kitchen! 

Key features small digital scale:

  • Precision measurements for weighing between 0.01 to 100 grams
  • special protective cover 
  • perfect for on the go occasions 
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These bite-size digital pocket scale 100g x 0 01g weight the hell out of everything you put on it! From small little things all the way through to your stepdads wedding ring. Introducing the Digital Pocket Scale 100g X 0 01g. Built for precision weight increments. However great scales like this should always come with a great cover to go with it! Being high in demand for good reason. The added feature of the scales is the bowl-like lid that is perfect to place upside down. Doing this will allow you to place your items into the bowl while you are weighing them. With this purpose in mind, ensure your scales are off when you place the bowl onto the weight pad.

the small digital scale kit includes the following items:

  • 1x slip on protective cover to prevent your scales from getting damaged when they are stored away 
  • 2x AAA batteries so you can start weighing things the minute you need them! 
  • 1x bowl/weight cover so you can place your items in before weighing them. 
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