Rick And Morty Bong Bundle With Accessories


Rick and Morty Bong bundle includes: 

  • 1x 5mm thick 20cm tall beaker bong 
  • 1x 4mm thick 23 tall disc percolator bong 
  • 1 x roll tray with lid 
  • 1x roll large roll tray 
  • 1 x Squanchy stash jar
  • 1x Pocket dry pipe 

Just like Uncle rick says “no one ever existed on purpose.” However, these Bong bundles exist for you!

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The ultimate package has finally hit Australia! The all new rick and Morty bong bundle feature all your favourite characters from the Rick & Morty show! All in all, you are going to ‘Wubba Lubba Dub Dub’ This bundle. Just like Uncle rick says “no one ever existed on purpose.” However, these Bong bundles exist for you!

Diving deeper into the bong bundle components
R&M Glass beaker bong:

Standing at 20cm tall featuring 5mm thick Pyrex glass. Because of this, “BOOM” Your bong is solid and strong! In addition, the bong is coming with a 19mm opening with a matching stem, fitting snug with a 14mm male adapter glass cone piece. The final touch is added with 3 ice catcher grooves for people wanting an extra smooth hit.

R&M Disc percolator bong:

In short, this bong stands at 23cm tall featuring 4mm thick pyrex glass. Although the difference Is this bog features a disc percolator. Because of this, it will give you a much smoother hit! Also, including a 14mm male adapter cone piece.

R&M Assorted roll trays:

Not one but two rolling trays are included in this value for money R&M bundle. Their eye catching cartoon prints of rick and their adventures are sure to keep you entertained while you roll a few hot ones! “sometimes science is more art than science” so get creative with your chopping and joint rolling!

R&M Squanchy Stach container:

That’s right, the Squanchy stash container is perfect for keeping your small stashed items or chopped up buds or herbs safe! Their small design makes them perfect for on the go!

R&M Pocket Dry pipe:

These key ring dry pipes are a must have item! Their slick design allows you to be able to stick it to your keys or for keeping it in your bag or pocket. Not to mention the dry pipes have a Rick glow in the dark character design.

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