Can You Smoke DMT Out Of A Bong

Can you smoke DMT out of a bong You can smoke DMT out of most pipes or bongs, but not all pipes are equal. Some pipes are specifically for smoking DMT. You can also smoke DMT out of an empty water bottle, but you’ll need to get creative. If you’re looking for something more permanent, try making your own bong or buying a new bong here .

How To Smoke DMT?

When smoking DMT out of a bong, you need to layer the bottom of the cone piece with cannabis flower. then you add a layer of DMT into the bowl. now add more cannabis on top just like a sandwich with two pieces of bread. now you are ready, remember to pull slowly and relax and let the DMT take you on a journey. just watch out for them golden elf bastards they like to take you though multiple dimensions.

What Is The Best Bong For Smoking DMT?

To begin with the best bongs to smoke DMT are bongs around 28 to 30 cm or taller. because you need to let the smoke build up and slowly smoke your DMT hit pulse the heath benefits from a bigger bong are a lot more beneficial for over all health and the smoke is not as hot when you inhale.

Glow In The Dark Glass Bong
Glow In The Dark Glass Bong
Glow In The Dark Bong
  • Length: 28cm
  • Thickness: 4mm
  • Ice nodules
  • Frosted Pyrex Glass
  • Thick and heavy base to support glass tar catcher
  • Comes with 14mm joint clear glass stem (11cm)
  • It comes with a 14mm male cone piece

As can be seen this “One Of A Kind Bong” Sold Here GLOW IN THE DARK BONG

Can You Smoke DMT Out Of A Bong

Take Home Notes: in brief, on the positive side use a larger bong 28 – 30cm or taller. don’t punch DMT like a cannabis cone and roast it slowly. watch out for golden elf’s they will try and fuck with you and take you though portals. With this in mind try and limit smoking DMT to once a week or monthly.

We recommend this Grinder 4 part purple

You can find us on Instagram cone_piece_australia

Happy smoking.

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