What you need to know about dab tools

need to know about dab tools: Dabbing is getting famous with time. The introduction of concentrates, new equipment, new vocabulary, new culture and new methods of consuming cannabis is introducing to the cannabis community. We are going to learn everything about dabbing in this article.

need to know about dab Nails:

Nails are considering to be the basic part of the whole dabbing experience. A nail is a dish that slides into the downstream of the dan rig. This is the part where smokers drop and vaporize concentrates.

Dab nails are of two types:

Nails with dome:

Nails need a dome which slides over the top of the nail. Smokers heat the nail when they use a nail and a dome, then they slide the dome over the top of the nail, put their concentrates onto the nail and pull the vapor.

Domeless nails:

need to know about dab tools These nails do not require any dome. Instead of the dome, these nails have a larger dish and an opening in the centre. Domeless nails are so popular nowadays. Because the larger dish delivers larger dabs. The procedure to use domeless nails is also so much simpler. Using a carb cap with a domeless nail is in fashion nowadays.

Another important factor to consider is the material of the dab nail. Here are the primary options currently available to concentrate consumers: 

Titanium nails:

Titanium nails are made of metal. Because they are metal, they are heating up in no time. Durability is the basic quality of titanium nails. But using it for a long time can produce titanium oxide buildups, and they can decrease the nails’ performance. Also, these nails can be harmful to your health when smokers heat them at high temperature.

Ceramic nails:

These nails take a longer period of time heating up. One drawback that these ceramic nails have is that breaking and cracks are a more common finding in ceramic nail. They are also medical and food-friendly.

Quartz nails:

They are also known as quartz bangers. They heat up in no time, but they lose heat quickly as well. It is recommending a carb cap with your quartz nail. They are safe to use.

Glass nails:

These nails are the least durable as compared to other nails. You need a high temperature for dabbing but these glass nail can be breaking at high temperature. But they are cheap to buy, also these glass nails are very easy to use.  


Percolators are also known as perc. Finding them in bongs to enhance the performance of the device. There are so many styles of percolators on the market today, including disk perc, tree perc, showerhead percs, frit disk percs, honeycomb percs, inline percs and helix designs.

Heat source:

heating up a nail by two means. Manual and electrical. You can use a blowtorch to heat the nails manually, and nails can be heated up electrically with the help of an e-mail.

The best choice of a blowtorch is the butane torch. Smokers prefer butane torch due to the gas quality. There are some other types of torches available in the market that you can use to heat the nails. These torches include full-sized torches, mini torches, propane and full-sized blowtorches.

Heating your nails:

But if you are not in favour to heat your nails manually, you can always use an e-mail vaporizer. These devices let you input precise temperature to heat your nails because they have a digital interface.


Need to know about dab tools, Dabbers scoop the dab of concentrate out and put it onto the heated nails. Both metal and glass made dabbers are available in the market. Both have some quality and are effective equally. It would help if you were careful when using a metal dabber because it can also get heated up.

Cleaning tools:

It is most important and highly recommended to clean your gear now and then because it can affect the performance of your dab rig. You will need the following cleaning tools for cleaning:

  • Cotton swabs to wipe out your nail. Give it a quick swipe after each dab.
  • Cleaning wipes for all glass components.
  • Pipe cleaners to clean the downstream and other glass cylindrical components.
  • Cleaning solution for your water pipe and percolator — you can use either a solution formulated specifically for water pipes or go with more makeshift options such as isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol or tea tree oil mixed with salt.

Apart from these tools, specialized dab rig cleaning kits are also available in the market, which is specifically designed for each and every component.

Storage gear:

Dab rigs need specific storage equipment’s apart from so many separate components. Although every day new storage devices are being introduced in the market, there are some essentials that every concentrate user must-have.

If you are looking for storage for your glass piece, you should select a case that has a number of pads and individual space for every component. Such cases also travel friendly.

Choose silicon or glass jars when it comes to storing the concentrates. You can put a number of concentrate jars in an odour-proof storage box at a time.

Dab tools accessories:

Because of the popularity of dabbing, a new industry to make dab accessories has developed. A number of dab accessories are available in the market. Some of the most important include:

Oil reclaimers:

Need to know about dab tools A glass attachment that gets fit between the nail and water chamber is known as a reclaimer. After enough reclaim oil builds up, you can either scrape it out or apply some gentle heat, melt it, and let it drop out. Reclaim oils are potent, containing between 40% to 50% THC and high levels of at least four other cannabinoids. Additionally, because reclaim has already been heated, it’s fully decarboxylated, making it an excellent ingredient for cooking or baking applications.

Dabbing multi-tools:

A number of multi-tools are available in the market. All the multi-tools usually consist of a number of dabbers and scrappers, a carb cap, cleaning tools, scissors, flashlights and tamping tools.

Dab mats:

Dab mats make a great difference. They are usually made of silicone, which means they provide you with a slip-proof surface to set your rig up. Also, they make cleaning extremely easy if by any chance concentrates falls on the mat.

Other ways to consume concentrates:

Dab rigs are not the only way to enjoy cannabis concentrates. A nectar collector dab straw or a honey collector can also be used to hit dabs. These are simple devices as compared to others. These devices consist on a glass or silicone body, a water chamber, percolator, reclaimer and a mouthpiece.

A vape pen can also be used to consume concentrates. The vape pen consists of a glass cartridge filled with cannabis oil and a heating element.


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