This terpene has a strong peppermint-like smell. Pulegone is in many products like perfumes and aromatherapy. Also, It is a strong and effective insecticide. Researches are taking place to investigate if pulegone can store memory by curing memory inhibiting protein. Pulegone also has anti-anxiety properties. What is pulegone?  In other words, This type of terpene […]


The most compelling evidence, A number of plants and fruit have ocimene in them. Mint, parsley, tarragon, kumquats, and mangoes are a few of the natural sources of ocimene. A point to remember, the chemical variant beta ocimene is insoluble in water but it is soluble in few organic solvents like ethanol and acetone.  What is ocimene?  Surprisingly, […]


Phellandrene is basically a pair of both alpha phellandrene and beta phellandrene. They both have the same molecular structure and chemical properties. They consider both to be bond isomers. We can find it in tea tree oil.     What is it?  Altogether, people make Perfumes and essences when both alpha phellandrene and beta phellandrene mix together. They both […]


As a matter of fact, we get sabinene terpene specifically from the holm oak and Norway spruce. however, we can also find it in carrot seed oil and tea tree oil. To specify, it has spicy a aroma. That being said, Researchers are investigating it for the properties of antioxidants and antimicrobials.   What is sabinene?   […]


in detail, out of all the Terpenes in the cannabis plant. However, this is one of the most common terpenes. It gives a woody smell mixed with a floral and citrus smell. To clarify, another name for it can also be known as Alpha Terpinolene.   What is Alpha-terpinolene?  With this purpose in mind, Sage, lilac, […]


Terpene has a strong citrus aroma. this flavour is the most important citrus flavour added to food. It also has many benefits like it is anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy. What is valencene?  Nevertheless, it is extremely rich when it comes to the citrus aroma. Its profile has orange, tangerine, mango, and grapefruit potent. The aroma is […]

The End Of Cannabis Prohibition

The use of Hemp: To enumerate, The End Of Cannabis Prohibition, why hundreds of Cannabis legalization advocates, scientists, doctors, researchers, and politicians have played their role in developing a more open-minded approach to Cannabis policy. President Franklin Roosevelt’s era back in 1942 when Hemp production in America got a boost. People grew Hemp to be […]

The Marijuana Prohibition Movement

The 18th century was the era when marijuana prohibition started on a government level. When an army of Napoleon Bonaparte had the conquest of Egypt, they brought the herb back to France as the spoil of war. Later, in 1799 Napoleon prohibited the usage of cannabis. He imposed a sentence of three months if any […]

The State Of Cannabis Research In The United States

Conducted Cannabis Research:           Cannabis Research of United States. Cannabis is a wide unaccepted topic among us. People cannot decide to take part when cannabis-related research takes place. Lack of education might be one of the reasons behind it. In August 2016 when the United States Drug Enforcement Agency refused a […]

Early Cannabis Uses And Migration

Where did cannabis originate? The Early Cannabis Uses And Migration, a major question is how and from where this magic plant of cannabis migrated across the globe? The history of cannabis is as old as human civilization itself. Every part of the globe put its part to make the culture of cannabis rich when it […]